I’m an experienced creative with a diverse background in entertainment, design, branding, and events. I focus on how the experience translates core ideas into the big picture and how the message translates to an audience. My work has enabled me to create cultures, visual identities, and effective systems. Prioritizing meaningful experiences motivates a lot of my decision-making. I love collaborative processes, and helping a multi-disciplinary team create.

I'd love to hear about your project.


Events + Brands- Various roles

• The Magic Castle Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show

• VidCon - Alex Clark VS theOdd1sOut Chess Boxing event

• Spotify listening party with Maggie Rogers

• E3 Gearbox event at Brookledge Theater

• Atlas Obscura Events Curation and Production

• Comic Con booth experience for Yesterday's Pin Co.

• MissBehave Gameshow Vegas - Consultation

• Marawa The Amazing's Girl Guide Book Launch

• Lightning in a Bottle - gameshow experience

• Oddities Flea Market at the Globe Theater 

• Ryan Matthew Cohn workshops

• Gearbox's Peacock Theater 

• Pskaufman's Mercado Los Olvidados 

• Makerfaire Anchorage Business consultation

• Dreamworks - What They Got Right - Art Department

• Johnny Thompson Documentary - Gamblers Ballad

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